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Contact Ethan E. Wise, MA to get started. In-person and online meditation training. Workshops, and group practice.

I will work with you, now in Southeast Arizona (Sierra Vista and Tucson) in person, or remotely via Zoom world-wide.
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Below, find meditations that I facilitate. Contact me to request scheduling a meditation or group event.


Group meditations and workshops offered:

  1. Mindfulness meditation: 20 minutes, 45 minutes
  2. Body scan meditation
  3. Loving kindness meditation
  4. Gratitude meditation
  5. Forgiveness meditation
  6. Total relaxation meditation
  7. Mindful eating meditation
  8. Mindful walking meditation
  9. Spring Forest QiGong (SFQ): sitting meditation, standing practice
  10. Mental journeys (vacation) meditation
  11. Safe place meditation
  12. Guided imagery
  13. Laughter meditation or laughter yoga
  14. Total relaxation meditation
  15. Pain reduction meditation
  16. Body healing meditation
  17. Feeling whole again meditation (reconnecting with self, reclaiming energy, cutting cords, protection)
  18. Yoga Nidra (hypnosis) meditation
  19. Inner child loving meditation
  20. Shamanic journey, spirit animal, guided meditation
  21. Manifestation meditations (A sequence involving setting intentions, imagery, breathwork, gratitude work, and ‘I am’ statements, where group members practice this for each other harnessing the power of the group, i.e a group prayer, also based on blending works of multiple authors and books such as the miracle club and the power of 8)
  22. Mutual blessing group: 2 types, an active group resembling the Manifestation meditation group, and the passive approach where people sit and receive energy, gratitude, and prayers from a couple energy practitioners
  23. Couples and loved ones meditation, designed for couples, married couples, and family members (includes a variety of experiences, connection, forgiveness, etc)
  24. Honoring the departed (loss and grief healing) meditation
  25. Death Preparation mediation, making peace with death and dying.
  26. Emotional Release meditation
  27. 3rd eye opening mediation
  28. Non-dual & Advaita Vedanta meditation
  29. Awakening Enlightenment meditation (experience removing identities and labels, detaching from: all ego, the body, illusion, and die before dying) (learn more)
  30. Go through the (after death) Life Review right now, guided meditation.
  31. Liberation and ending the Cycles mediation, groups, and training.
  32. PRIVATE, INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS for those who want to experience experiences such as: Leave the body (OBE), see the white light, dissolve into the white light, detach from the ego, connect with the Creator, die and come back, experience the Kundalini awakening, experience the Vedic Awakening, experience Enlightenment moments, see past lives, talk to dead people, talk to the soul of others, travel to space and planets, go into the life between lives, talk to the higher self, see the akashic records hall, meet spirit guides, open energy channels, practice qigong, move energy, use the energy and the language of the subconscious mind to instruct the body to heal, re-live different scenarios of of past, find closure, connect with a loved one, forgive, express love, heal emotional wounds, speak to a burning bush, have a shamanic healing experience, improve concentration, learn to improve mindfulness meditation, and almost see anything written in literature during the last 3k yrs, without ingesting any substances.


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Experience connection

Experience forgiveness

Experience gratitude

Experience giving and receiving love

Experience peaceful healing time

Improve your ability to meditate

Release emotions and stuck energy

Turn your life into a living meditation

Experience being a part of an accepting loving group


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