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Contact Ethan E. Wise, MA to get started. In-person and online meditation training. Workshops, and group practice.

I will work with you, now in Southeast Arizona (Sierra Vista and Tucson) in person, or remotely via Zoom world-wide.
Send a text or voicemail to: 612-444-1167


Below, find meditations that I facilitate. Contact me to request scheduling a meditation or group event.


Group meditations and workshops offered:

  1. Mindfulness meditation: 20 minutes, 45 minutes
  2. Body scan meditation
  3. Loving kindness meditation
  4. Gratitude meditation
  5. Forgiveness meditation
  6. Total relaxation meditation
  7. Eating meditation
  8. Guided walking meditation
  9. Spring Forest QiGong SFQ: sitting meditation, standing practice
  10. Mental journeys (vacation) meditation
  11. Safe place meditation
  12. Laughter meditation
  13. Total relaxation meditation
  14. Pain reduction meditation
  15. Body healing guided imagery meditation
  16. Feeling whole again (reconnecting with self, reclaiming energy, cutting cords, protection)
  17. Inner child loving meditation
  18. Shamanic journey (spirit animal) meditation
  19. Transmutation (of habits, feelings, and the body) meditation
  20. Manifestation meditations (A special sequence involving I Am statements, breathwork, gratitude, and based on the miracle club and the power of 8)
  21. Mutual blessing group
  22. Couples and loved ones meditation
  23. Honoring the departed (loss and grief healing) meditation
  24. Emotional release meditation
  25. 3rd eye opening mediation
  26. non-dual & Advaita Vedanta meditation
  27. Enlightening meditation (experiencing removing identities & ego, the little death) (learn more)
  28. Religious tradition meditations: Orthodox Christian, Jewish Kabalah, Vedic Devotionals, Chanting


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Experience connection

Experience forgiveness

Experience gratitude

Experience giving and receiving love

Experience peaceful healing time

Improve your ability to meditate

Release emotions and stuck energy

Turn your life into a living meditation

Experience being a part of an accepting loving group


Find events now: On Meetup | On Facebook



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