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Are Consciousness practices, meditation, or the idea of Conscuoness an invention of Buddhism? No. These predate Buddhism. These concepts evolved in various parts of the world and at different times. Keep in mind, there is no acceptable definition or consensus about what the word “meditation” means. Read more about the meaning of meditation here. I suggest that you focus on what you are practicing ex. You are practicing mindfulness, forgiveness, kindness, imagery, breathing, energy movement, etc. Read more on how meditation predates Buddhism here

What is consciousness? Here’s a page (that is a work in progress) . This page contains a good chronological list of major schools of thought, spiritual and theological figures and schools, along with modern authors, major figures, messiahs, religious movements, and other notable groups and dates… You will find links where you can read more as you explore the concept of consciousness throughout history, and the related topics of God and Self. Remember that logic can get you there, however you can actually experience Consciousness yourself, not just using philosophy and logic. Logic and practice complement each other. Find the What is Consciousness page here.