Types of Meditation & Other Articles

Is meditation Buddhist? Is it a religion? Does it require faith? No. Meditation predates Buddhism. Read more here.

Know thyself, by exploring a list of 333 values. Click here for the article from my Ethan E Wise .com website

Mediation types:

Part 1 – Introduction and: What is meditation? What is consciousness? Mindfulness meditation, concentration meditation, Buddhist meditation, Vedanta meditation, and Subjective vs. Objective meditation here

Part 2 – Mindfulness of Breath meditation and Progressive Relaxation meditation here

Part 3 – Open Awareness and Vipassana meditation here

Part 4 – Zen meditation here

Part 5 – Heart meditations: Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy, Tonglen, Equanimity meditation, and Ho Ľoponopono here

Par 6 – TM

Part 7 – Gratitude meditation

Part 8 – Chanting and visualizing meditations

Part 9 – Movement meditation: Walking, QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Dancing, Cleaning

Part 10 – Religious meditation: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic (Sufi) meditation.

Part 10.1 – Meditating on God and names of God

Part 11 – Stoic meditation, Neoplatonic meditation, Theurgy meditation

Part 12 – Awakening, Enlightenment, Advaita, non-dual, ego disidentification, small death meditations

Part 13 – Yoga!

Part 14 – Eating Meditation: The Raisin Meditation

Part 15 – The I Am meditation

Part 16 – Hypnosis Read more here