Enlightenment meditation practice

Enlightening meditation (experiencing removing identities & ego, the little death)

I blend Vedantic non-dual philosophy, along with my skills and experience in states of consciousness, hypnosis and mental health counseling to help clients. You can expect to improve: mindfulness, observation of thoughts and feelings, self control, detachment from ego and false self identities.

Additionally, you will be able to learn and experience meditations that allow (a person who is ready) to reach closer to Awakening or Enlightenment.

You don’t need 40 years of meditation, you do not need a guru, and you do not need a belief system (but having one is totally ok)

No belief required!

You need nothing to get started. Only your curiosity. Everyone (from any level of experience or background) is welcome.

Turn your life into a living meditation.

Die now before you physically die

Experience transcendence

Experience liberation

Transcend death and fear

Experience forgiveness, gratitude, and connection.